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Welcome to the website of the Daughters of Wisdom, United States Province. The United States Province was established in 1949.

The spirituality of the Daughters of Wisdom is that of seeking Wisdom in ordinary, everyday experience.

As Daughters of Wisdom, we see all reality— creation, humankind, the joys and struggles of life—as interconnected sacred reality. For more than 300 years, we have ministered to countless women, men, and children, desiring to share with all our heritage of Wisdom spirituality.

We follow in the spiritual footsteps of our co-founders, St. Louis Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet.   At the beginning of the 18th century in France, they were captivated by Divine Wisdom.



We are called in community to seek and to contemplate Divine Wisdom, present in a world that hungers for meaning, justice and compassion. We seek to bring the message of Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom, to people experiencing injustice, violence, poverty and oppression, especially women and children. Learn more about the Daughters of Wisdom today, Read  More or Watch our video.

Wisdom Reflections


Sr. Barbara O’Dea, DW

Summertime— it's a time for vacation, for outdoor activities from barbecues to beaches, for relaxation and relationships. How fortunate we are to live on an island with bay and ocean beaches within traveling distance.

The world has become surreal, chaotic– lives are determined by clocks and calendars. All year long you lead a busy, very busy, life. Might summertime be a time to get in touch with yourself? Slow down; look into your own heart. How about a change of pace this summer, a time to grow in relationships, time for yourself, for those you love, for God.

“Waste” a little time on yourself. Become more consciously aware of your needs. Do whatever it takes to draw you into touch with your best self, the self God made you to be. Sit quietly on your front porch, in your backyard, or a local park. Breathe deeply. Read a little, rest a bit, talk to God whose love surrounds you and to the Spirit who dwells in your heart. Get in touch with your deepest hopes and desires. Take walks in the cooler air of morning or evening. Appreciate the beauty of nature all around you.


Sisters Celebrate Jubilee Years


Sisters, families and friends gathered at Montfort Spiritual Center on July 7, 2018 to recognize 530 years of ministry for Daughters of Wisdom celebrating 75, 70 and 60 years of profession.


Pictured above: (L-R) Sr. Pat Curreri, Sr. Veronica Byrne, Sr. Mary Jo O'Connor, Father Tom Poth, SMM, Superior of the Vice-Province of the United States, Montfort Missionaries, Sr. Catherine Sheehan, Daughters of Wisdom, Provincial Leader, Father Luiz Augusto Stefani, SMM, Superior General of the Montfort Missionaries, Sr. Jeannine Boutin, and Sr. Mary Jane Cashin.





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February 2018- Pictured above (L-R) Sr. Florence Veronica Byrne, DW (Sr. Veronica of the Cross), Sr. Patricia Curreri, DW (Sr. Fidelis Mary of the Immaculate) and Sr. Joan Zielinski, DW (Sr. Edward Marie of the Immaculate) all reach milestone Jubilees this month. Sr. Veronica celebrates 70 years, and Sr. Pat and Sr. Joan celebrate 60 years of profession.




August 2018- Pictured above (L-R) Sr. Jeannine Boutin, DW (Sr. Hilaire du Sacre Coeur), Sr. Mary Jo O’Connor, DW (Sr. Maria Christi of Wisdom), Sr. Edna English, DW (Sr. Anne Gregory of the Cross) and Sr. Mary Jane Cashin, DW (Sr. Mary Delores of the Rosary) will all celebrate Jubilee years in August. Sr. Janine will celebrate 75 years, and Sisters Mary Jo, Edna, and Mary Jane will celebrate 60 years of profession.


Sr. Marie Franck, DW

Sr. Marie de St. Marc

4/27/1918 - 6/25/2018

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Sr. Marie Franck, DW (Sr. Marie de St. Marc), who died peacefully on June 25, 2018 at Maria Regina Residence, Brentwood, NY. Sr. Marie will be sorely missed by her Sisters, and by the staff and residents at Maria Regina. For 100 years she has graced so many lives with her loving ways. Sr. Marie was laid to rest on Friday, June 29, 2018 at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Coram, NY. Donations may be made in her memory on our donations page.


In Remembrance of Sister Marie Franck, DW

Rev. William Considine, SMM

A good while ago, Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote: “Only when a tree has fallen, can you take the measure of it.  It is the same with a man... (or a woman).”  Might not this be true for our Sister, Marie – this Hundred Year Old Oak or Sugar Maple! Only now can we begin to take the full measure of her life and her love. Only now can we measure and wonder at the whole length of her life, and only now can we see its parts, looking at its rings and circles of growth –years of plenty and years of pain, circle on circle, center unfolding out and folding in again.... Marie embodied what is Best in our Family of Montfort and Marie-Louise:  that we are “kitchen table folk,” down to earth, giving “Skin” to God by our human, tender, caring touch and concern.  THIS is what INCARNATE WISDOM looks like!  THIS is what the BEATITUDES LIVED looks like!



Remembering Sister Marie Franck, DW

Sr. Catherine Sheehan, DW

“Well done, good and faithful servant …

Enter into the joy of the Lord.”




Saturday, 9/29 & Sunday, 9/30
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM  



Since 2014 over $450,000 has been awarded through Daughters of Wisdom Mission Grants. Organizations that address injustice, violence, poverty, and oppression, especially among women and children, are candidates for annual grants of up to $15,000 for two consecutive years of funding.

A review of applications for this year's grants is currently underway. Grants will be awarded in the Fall of 2018.

Find out more about Wisdom Mission Grants.




A community within the community of the Wisdom family, Associates of Wisdom share in the spirituality, mission, and history of the congregation.

To learn more about the Associates of Wisdom follow the links below:

Who are we?

Wisdom's Voice- Spring 2018

Associates of Wisdom in the News

2017 International Encounter of the Friends of Wisdom




Ann Keany, AW Celebrates 25th Jubilee


"Ann loved the spirit she found among the Daughters of Wisdom, and so she became an associate. Although her life circumstances obliged her to move upstate, she has tenaciously found ways to keep in touch, and maintain her contacts as an Associate of Wisdom."(Continued)



Fire In Our Hearts a way Daughters and Associates of Wisdom share their spiritualityFire In Our Hearts

See the ways God makes Her presence known in the ordinary experiences of life. Join our Wisdom Spirituality Circle and receive weekly relections. Fire In Our Hearts is for Catholics and persons of all spiritual traditions.

Wisdom House

wisdom house

Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, in the historic town of Litchfield, CT, Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center spans 70 acres of meadows, woods and brooks. Offering year round programs, this interfaith center welcomes those who value seeking and learning in a contemplative environment. The complex includes indoor and outdoor sanctuary areas, and a labyrinth to encourage meditation, prayer and creative thinking.

Mission Statement
Click here to take a tour of Wisdom House from the air.

Deborah L Kelly Named Executive Director of Wisdom House


LCWR Update

January 2018- LCWR Denounces the Administrations’ Decision to Rescind TPS for Salvadorans

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious strongly denounces the cruel decision by the Trump administration to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for more than 200,000 Salvadorans. El Salvador is the fourth country whose citizens have been stripped of their right to protection by President Trump’s administration. Rescinding TPS from human beings under continuing threat of violence of all types is inconsistent with the values and traditions of this nation and with our belief in the dignity of all persons.



2017 LCRW National Assembly

A Reflection from

Provincial, Catherine Sheehan, DW and Sr. Evelyn Eckhardt, DW, Canonical Treasurer





I am With You Always  Sr. Barbara O'Dea

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God Calls Us by Name  Sr. Rosemarie Greco, DW

Ready For The Journey  Sr. Barbara O'Dea, DW

'Tis the New Year'  Sr. Barbara O'Dea, DW

Become All God Created You To Be Sr. Barbara O'Dea, DW

A Healing Vision for Our World  Sr. Mary Stuart, DW

Wisdom Dwells With Experience Sr. Lucy Clynes, DW

Surprised by the Spirit  Sr. Barbara O'Dea

Before I Built A Wall  Sr. Marie Chiodo









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