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Welcome to the website of the Daughters of Wisdom, United States Province. The United States Province was established in 1949.


The spirituality of the Daughters of Wisdom is that of seeking Wisdom in ordinary, everyday experience.


As Daughters of Wisdom, we see all reality— creation, humankind, the joys and struggles of life—as interconnected sacred reality. For more than 300 years, we have ministered to countless women, men, and children, desiring to share with all our heritage of Wisdom spirituality.


We follow in the spiritual footsteps of our co-founders, St. Louis Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet.  At the beginning of the 18th century in France, they were captivated by Divine Wisdom.



We are called in community to seek and to contemplate Divine Wisdom, present in a world that hungers for meaning, justice and compassion. We seek to bring the message of Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom, to people experiencing injustice, violence, poverty and oppression, especially women and children.

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Wisdom Reflections


Become All God Created You to Be


Sr. Barbara O'Dea, DW

Did it ever strike you that we live in a society so different from that of the people Jesus spoke with? He lived in a theocracy with a common faith, a strong moral sense rooted in God’s Word, an awareness that all of its members, together, were a chosen people, God’s chosen people. In spite of all those gifts, evil still seeped into their lives.


Today we live in a democracy founded on solid values – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, liberty, and justice for all. We value our freedoms. We work hard to provide for our families and promote quality education for our children. We take pride in the achievements of Americans in sports, science, and technology. Still, with all that is good, we cannot deny that evil has seeped into the fabric of our society.  We live in a secularized age where religious faith and practice have waned dramatically over the years. Technology has been a mixed blessing. Abuse of means of instant communication at times spreads messages that are divisive or blatantly destructive and untrue. Relativism seems to have invaded our moral sense. TV and the movie industry earn billions producing shows filled with violence, guns, and unbridled sex.  Yes, our democracy values freedom and justice for all, yet often, freedom becomes license; and in fact, justice is not always the same for all.  The news of the day tells us that these evils affect our neighborhoods, family life, schools, churches, our nation. Many people feel overwhelmed, but what can we do?



Past Reflections

A Healing Vision for Our World  Sr. Mary Stuart, DW

Wisdom Dwells With Experience Sr. Lucy Clynes, DW

Surprised by the Spirit  Sr. Barbara O'Dea

Before I Built A Wall  Sr. Marie Chiodo

LCWR Update


2017 LCRW National Assembly


A Reflection from

Provincial, Catherine Sheehan, DW and Sr. Evelyn Eckhardt, DW, Canonical Treasurer


The 2017 LCWR Assembly was a truly contemplative experience of exploring the theme, “Being the Presence of Love: the Power of Transformation.” The process of contemplative dialogue and the entire atmosphere of the Assembly favored deep listening to one another and to the Spirit of God.


The presentations of Chris Pramuk and Jan Richardson resonated forcefully with our personal and communal reality in this time of major transition in religious life. The Presidential Address of Mary Pellegrino, CSJ, called us to move forward with the “new narrative” of religious life that is emerging among us.  In her address as the recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award, Sr. Constance FitzGerald, OCD, challenged us to ever deeper communion on the evolutionary path we are treading.


The panel dialogues and the listening sessions gave us the opportunity to begin to integrate the richness of the input – always with the intent of engaging us in that greater communion among ourselves, with others in our Church and world, and with creation.


Public Statement of the Assembly with reference to the current situation between the United States and North Korea.


We encourage you to visit the website of LCWR: where you will find the texts of the presentations – some of which are available in Spanish and French.


Going forward we will be incorporating some of the content into our own processes in the Province.


Past Actions

As members of the LCWR, the leadership team of the Daughters of Wisdom shares with you the letter written to President Trump by the LCWR and CMSM.  SILVER SPRING, January 18, 2017.Read more.



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Daughters of Wisdom, USA Province



Advent: Seeking Wisdom


In The Love of Eternal Wisdom, St. Louis Marie de Montfort presents a fourfold means of attaining Wisdom:


*ardent desire

*unceasing prayer

*self emptying

*devotion to Mary


During the four weeks of Advent, we invite you to contemplate and seek Wisdom with us following this

fourfold path.


Second Sunday of Advent

You cannot find Wisdom unless you ask."



First Sunday of Advent...

“Wisdom is an undying fire seen by all who love Her,

 and found by all who seek Her."


2017 Wisdom Mission Grants Awarded


Since 2014 over $370,000 has been awarded through Mission Grants. Organizations that address injustice, violence, poverty, and oppression, especially among women and children, are candidates for annual grants. The fund awards annual grants up to $15,000 and allows for two consecutive years of funding. This year the Provincial Council granted eight organizations a total of $99,528. They include The Center for Wisdom’s Women, Lewiston, Maine, Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (S.E.W.), Silver Spring, Maryland, Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer, New York, NY, Long Island Federally Qualified Health Center, Westbury, NY, New Opportunities, Inc., Torrington, Connecticut, St. Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy, Ozone Park, NY, The Book Fairies, Freeport, NY and the De La Salle School, Freeport, NY.


Here’s how grant recipients will put their money to use:



A community within the community of the Wisdom family, Associates of Wisdom share in the spirituality, mission, and history of the congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom.


To learn more about the Associates of Wisdom follow the links below:


Who are we?


Wisdom's Voice- Winter 2016/2017


Associates of Wisdom in the News


2017 International Encounter of the Friends of Wisdom




With Wisdom Let Us Be Prophets of Hope



Fire in Our Hearts

fire in our hearts

See the ways God makes Her presence known in the ordinary experiences of life. Join our Wisdom Spirituality Circle and receive weekly relections. Fire In Our Hearts is for Catholics and persons of all spiritual traditions.

Wisdom House

wisdom house

Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, in the historic town of Litchfield, CT, Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center spans 70 acres of meadows, woods and brooks. Offering year round programs, this interfaith center welcomes those who value seeking and learning in a contemplative environment. The complex includes indoor and outdoor sanctuary areas, and a labyrinth to encourage meditation, prayer and creative thinking.

Mission Statement
Click here to take a tour of Wisdom House from the air.

Deborah L Kelly Named Executive Director of Wisdom House


Sr. Rosemarie Greco, DW to be honored


A celebration and reception to honor Sr. Rosemarie Greco, DW will be held at Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center on December 17, 2017 from 2-5 pm, with a short program at 3 pm.


Sr. Rosemarie retired recently and will be reognized for her 27 years as Executive Director of Wisdom House and for her many contributions to the Litchfield, CT Community. The public is invited to attend.


RSVP by December 10 by calling (860) 567-3163 or emailing