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Welcome to the website of the Daughters of Wisdom, United States Province. The United States Province was established in 1949.


The spirituality of the Daughters of Wisdom is that of seeking Wisdom in ordinary, everyday experience.


As Daughters of Wisdom, we see all reality— creation, humankind, the joys and struggles of life—as interconnected sacred reality. For more than 300 years, we have ministered to countless women, men, and children, desiring to share with all our heritage of Wisdom spirituality.


We follow in the spiritual footsteps of our co-founders, St. Louis Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet. At the beginning of the 18th century in France, they were captivated by Divine Wisdom.



We are called in community to seek and to contemplate Divine Wisdom, present in a world that hungers for meaning, justice and compassion. We seek to bring the message of Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom, to people experiencing injustice, violence, poverty and oppression, especially women and children.

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Jubilee 2017                                                                  Celebrating 80, 70 and 60 Years of Consecrated Life


February 2nd Jubilarians include (R-L) Sr. Marie Franck, 80 years, Sr. Emma Rohn,

70 years and Sr. Agnes Bracken, 60 years.

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Wisdom Reflections

"...Before I built a wall..."

By Sr. Marie Chiodo, DW


“…'Good fences make good neighbors'.

Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder

If I could put a notion in his head:

Why do they make good neighbors? Isn't it

Where there are cows?

But here there are no cows.

Before I built a wall I'd ask to know

What I was walling in or walling out,

And to whom I was like to give offence.

Something there is that doesn't love a wall,

That wants it down'….”

Robert Frost

Mending Wall (1914)


I find an invitation in Robert Frost’s poem, Mending Wall, that challenges me to ask questions about our government’s rush to expand the wall between the United States and Mexico. It seems to me that we have enough walls already built in the minds and hearts of people in regard to the migration of our sisters and brothers from the South. Those are the walls that are forging hatred, division and fear among us.

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As members of the LCWR, the leadership team of the Daughters of Wisdom shares with you the letter written to President Trump by the LCWR and CMSM.


SILVER SPRING (January 18, 2017). The Presidents of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM) representing the elected leaders of more than 55,000 Catholic religious sisters, brothers, and priests sent a letter to President-Elect Donald Trump reminding him of the gift and responsibility of leadership...Read more.



On Monday, February 27, 2017 St. Charles Hospital marked its 110th anniversary with a mass in the Infant Jesus Chapel at St. Charles Hospital and a reception in the Hospital lobby. The event was held to recognize the Hospital's continued mission of compassionate care, which was set forth by the Hospital’s founding order, the Daughters of Wisdom, USA Province in 1907.


Delight in a musical video tour through the Hospital’s early history to the song Hallelujah originally written by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen to lyrics rewritten by St. Charles Hospital's Public Relations Director, Marilyn Fabbricante in commemoration of its 110th Anniversary by clicking on the photo below to activate the link.


There’s a lot of talent at St. Charles Hospital and it’s not just about medicine….You cannot see them in the video, (photo to right) but the choir is comprised of hospital staff and directed by St. Charles Hospital's Grace Sparacino. The video was compiled and edited by Jennifer Semel, MD, Medical Director, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Pictured below: Sr. Evelyn Eckhardt, Sr. Catherine Sheehan, James O'Connor, Executive Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer, St. Charles Hospital, and Sr. Barbara O'Dea and the Mass at Infant Jesus Chapel. Photo to right: St. Charles Hospital Choir (Photos St. Charles Hospital.)




LENT 2017


Join us on our journey through the Lenten Season as our Sisters share Wisdom values during this time of repentance, fasting, self-examination and reflection  in preparation and joyful anticipation for the coming of Easter.


The Annunciation of the Lord

Sr. Ann Nielsen

The Incarnation

What is this mystery of incarnation? Simply put, it is God’s love poured out. It is Wisdom`s love penetrating and permeating all that is. Theologians these days speak of more than one incarnation: the outpouring of love within the Trinity from all eternity, the outpouring of love in the vastness and immense variety in creation, and the outpouring of love in the mystery celebrated each year on the 25th of March.  This Feast celebrates the cosmic Christ, Eternal Wisdom, taking on our human flesh in the womb of Mary, his mother, and thus becoming Jesus of Nazareth, Wisdom Incarnate.

In the first of his ten Christmas Carols, St. Louis Marie uses a telling image to shock us into new awareness. He evokes the mystery and vastness of the galaxies. This he does to remind us of where Jesus comes from and where he goes – straight and wholeheartedly into our flawed humanity to heal and make whole.
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Third Sunday of Lent

Where there is disdain, let me sow respect

 Sr. Marie Josée Seide, DW

Second Sunday of Lent

Where there is isolation, let me sow interdependence

Sr. Diane Guerette, DW

First Sunday of Lent

Where there is competition, let me sow cooperation

Sr. Maureen Hurley, DW

Ash Wednesday

Where there is control, let me sow collaboration

Sr. Barbara O’Dea, DW



$86,000 in Mission Fund Grants Awarded in 2016

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Pre-Application Period for 2017 Currently Underway




A community within the community of the Wisdom family, Associates of Wisdom share in the spirituality, mission, and history of the congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom.


To learn more about the Associates of Wisdom follow the links below:


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Associates of Wisdom in the News


Associates Annual Retreat


fire in our hearts

See the ways God makes Her presence known in the ordinary experiences of life. Join our Wisdom Spirituality Circle and receive weekly relections. Fire In Our Hearts is for Catholics and persons of all spiritual traditions. Wisdom House

wisdom house

Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, in the historic town of Litchfield, CT, Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center spans 54 acres of meadows, woods and brooks. Offering year round programs, this interfaith center welcomes those who value seeking and learning in a contemplative environment. The complex includes indoor and outdoor sanctuary areas, and a labyrinth to encourage meditation, prayer and creative thinking.
Click here to take a tour of Wisdom House from the air.







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