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Welcome to the website of the Daughters of Wisdom, United States Province. The United States Province was established in 1949.

The spirituality of the Daughters of Wisdom is that of seeking Wisdom in ordinary, everyday experience.

As Daughters of Wisdom, we see all reality— creation, humankind, the joys and struggles of life—as interconnected sacred reality. For more than 300 years, we have ministered to countless women, men, and children, desiring to share with all our heritage of Wisdom spirituality.

We follow in the spiritual footsteps of our co-founders, St. Louis Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet.   At the beginning of the 18th century in France, they were captivated by Divine Wisdom.



We are called in community to seek and to contemplate Divine Wisdom, present in a world that hungers for meaning, justice and compassion. We seek to bring the message of Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom, to people experiencing injustice, violence, poverty and oppression, especially women and children. Learn more about the Daughters of Wisdom today, Read  More or Watch our video.

Wisdom Reflections


Valerie Day, AW

The Second Sunday of Advent

 “O Come Thou Wisdom from on High . . .”   By now, the Second Sunday

of Advent, many of us will have prayed, sung and reflected upon these words, words which hold special significance for all Seekers of Wisdom.  And on this Sunday, we are accompanied by two kindred spirits:  the Prophet Baruch, who I have named “Wisdom’s Scribe” (just read his words proclaimed at the Easter Vigil); and John the Baptist, whose roaming, preaching and call to repentance were an inspiration to our Holy Co-Founder Louis de Montfort on how to “prepare the way of the Lord.”

Advent, the season of joy, hope and expectation, has meant different things to me throughout my faith journey.  In my younger days, Advent

was a time to remember the longing of the Hebrew people for their messiah.  During my early adulthood, I was involved with the Charismatic Renewal.  Advent then became a time when we waited for the second coming of Christ.  The Parousia was the focal point of the season.  While both of these are part of what we remember during Advent, my focus has certainly changed. Advent is a time to remind me to stay awake, to become more keenly aware of the times when God, whom I lovingly and endearingly know as Wisdom, “slam dunks” from on High, unexpected and disguised, into my life.  Let me share two such experiences.

On a cold, blustery, inclement February afternoon, I had to leave work and get home quickly because of a serious health situation with my husband. 

I got into a taxi, and told the driver where I needed to go and why I had to get there quickly.  The driver, an immigrant from the Cameroons, negotiated the traffic, the awful weather conditions and still checked with me for updates. When he got me to my door, I told him that my husband had already been taken by ambulance to the hospital.  He turned off the taxi- meter and told he me was taking me to the hospital!  God arrived in my life that February afternoon, disguised as a NYC taxi driver.  He brought Light to me on a day of boding darkness.  

Getting on the #7 train one morning on my way to work, my subway sense told me not to ask a man, who looked completely unaware of his surroundings and the people around him, to make room for me.  My back was toward him, as I held onto a pole in the middle of the subway car.  Just as the conductor announced, “stand clear of the closing doors please,” I felt several tugs on my coat. As I turned around, this man pulled his girlfriend closer to him and invited me to sit down. I thanked him and told him how kind he was.  He then began to share with me how, when growing up in the south, his mama always taught him to be kind to strangers.  The two of us engaged in conversation and then blessed each other when I got off at my stop.  My heart was pounding as I walked onto the platform – I knew Who it was I bumped into that morning.

The prophet Baruch directed the Israelites to look all around them, to the east and to the west, to see their exiled brothers and sisters.  This is precisely what Advent challenges me to do. If you are waiting for God’s arrival, if you want to see God, look at the people around you, especially those we think are unlikely to be of any assistance to us in our life.  You will be, as I have been, profoundly surprised!



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11/5/26 – 11/26/18


We are saddened to report the passing of Sr. Eileen McGowan, DW, 92 (Sr. Eileen of the Holy Face). Sister died peacefully at her residence Our Lady of Perpetual Help Convent in Sound Beach, NY, on November 26, 2018. 

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Donations may be made online in Sr. Eileen’s memory.


Eulogy for Sr. Eileen McGowan

By Sr. Ann Gray

It was early in the morning of November 26th when we first learned that our Sister Eileen had died. She who entered the Novitiate of the Daughters of Wisdom at the age of 19  on Jan 31, 1945, and received the name of Sr. Eileen of the Holy Face had crossed over the threshold to become the newest member of the Communion of Saints.

As the poet, Emily Dickinson declares: “There’s a bustle in the house the day after death.” I guess it’s the poet’s way of saying nothing’s ever the same again! I remember that morning. I opened the Gospel reading for the day and it was Luke’s account of the Widow putting in her two small coins to pay the Temple fee. Strange, but there was a kind of “bustle” in my own brain as the words of the Gospel narrative changed before my eyes The words of the text read like this:

“And Sister Eileen entered that “place of giving,” Jesus looked up and saw this wonderfully generous woman humble in so many ways who held two small coins. It was all she had. She could give no more and would give no less. And Jesus said: “Those two small coins are a priceless gift given out of love for me.” And, suddenly I heard Eileen’s voice answer: “Lord, you know me, I always have to give my two cents worth!” Jesus smiled, and the two went off together. Some two cents worth! I and put down the Gospel reading, and thought I’d better get a cup of coffee. One thing was sure we always enjoyed listening to Eileen’s two cents worth. Call it the gift of the gab, her words were always filled with witticisms and yes, much wisdom. We shall miss “her two cents worth.”

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Love Without Borders!/ Aimez Sans Frontieres!/Amate Senza Frontiere/ Amen Sin Fronteras!

New General Council Elected


8/23/18- Congratulations to the members of the thirty-second General Council of the Daughters of Wisdom. Pictured from the left: Sr. Antonella Prestia, General Councilor (Italy), Sr. Isabelle Retailleau, General Councilor (France), Sr. Rani Kurian, General Superior (India), Sr. Pierrette Bwamba, General Councilor (RD Congo), and Sr. Marie-Reine Gauthier General Councilor (Canada). The new leadership team will serve for the next six years and is mandated to live out the theme, “Love without borders.”



Since 2014 over $550,000 has been awarded through Daughters of Wisdom Mission Grants. Organizations that address injustice, violence, poverty, and oppression, especially among women and children, are candidates for annual grants of up to $15,000 for two consecutive years of funding. Grants are awarded in the Fall.


2018 Misson Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Mission Grants: St. Mary Gate of Heaven Academy, Ozone Park, NY, The Book Fairies, Freeport, NY, L’Arche Long Island, NY, Virginia Alternative to the Death Penalty, Richmond, VA, Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants, Chicago, IL, The Opening Word Program, Wyandanch, NY, Mary and Elizabeth Center, Oceanside, NY and The Center for Wisdom’s Women, Lewiston, ME.


Find out more about Wisdom Mission Grants.




A community within the community of the Wisdom family, Associates of Wisdom share in the spirituality, mission, and history of the congregation.

To learn more about the Associates of Wisdom follow the links below:

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Fire In Our Hearts

See the ways God makes Her presence known in the ordinary experiences of life. Join our Wisdom Spirituality Circle and receive weekly relections. Fire In Our Hearts is for Catholics and persons of all spiritual traditions.

Wisdom House

wisdom house

Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, in the historic town of Litchfield, CT, Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center spans 70 acres of meadows, woods and brooks. Offering year round programs, this interfaith center welcomes those who value seeking and learning in a contemplative environment. The complex includes indoor and outdoor sanctuary areas, and a labyrinth to encourage meditation, prayer and creative thinking.

Mission Statement
Click here to take a tour of Wisdom House from the air.

Deborah L Kelly Named Executive Director of Wisdom House




LCWR Updates

August 23, 2018

Daughters of Wisdom endorse LCWR Statement on Sexual Abuse by Clergy

January 2018

LCWR Denounces the Administrations’ Decision to Rescind TPS for Salvadorans


2017 LCRW National Assembly

A Reflection from

Provincial, Catherine Sheehan, DW and Sr. Evelyn Eckhardt, DW, Canonical Treasurer












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