Memorial Gifts

Members of the Daughters of Wisdom Auxiliary Council
Front row: Florence Lunney, Pat Wolosz, Charlene Pilipshen and Rosalie Mullane.
Middle Row: Ellie Filippone, Kathy Marotta, Fran Heuer, and Sr. Evelyn Eckhardt, DW.
Back row: Angela Brucia, Dorothy Scorzelli, Jim Vesely and Ann Murdock.


Memorial Gifts

Donations can be made in Memory or Honor of a person, for a special occasion or a celebration. Through our online donation form, you can support the General fund, Haiti fund, Immigration Fund, Intercultural Community, Ministry Fund, Madagascar Fund, Mission Projects, Retirement Fund, Sound Beach Rennovation Fund, and Vocations Fund.


If you have any questions, please contact Rosalie Mullane, Development Associate,

at 631-277-2660, ext. 17 or e-mail,



August 28, 2017 - February 15, 2018



Lou Mae and Joseph Albert: In Memory of Sister Lucy Daigle, D.W.  (General Fund)


Ronald Balcom: In Memory of Robert Koegel (General Fund)


Huguette Cote: In Memory of Nicole Corte Parent (Retirement Fund)


Adria Czarnomski: In Honor of Rosalie and George Mullane (General Fund)


Rose Marie Curley: In Memory of the deceased members of OLWA, June 1955 (General Fund)


Beatrice & Ronald Daigle: In Memory of Sister Lucy Daigle, D.W. (General Fund)


Rella Daigle: In Memory of Sister Lucy Daigle, D.W. (General Fund)


Norman Daigle: In Memory of Sister Lucy Daigle, D.W. (General Fund)


Grace Ann Dolak: In Honor of Sister Emma Rohn’s 70th Jubilee (Sound Beach Renovation)


Doreen Esposito: In Honor of Rose Marie Curley (Vocation Fund)


Kathleen Gansert: In Honor of the Sisters who taught at Christ the King High School (Retirement Fund)


Angela Houghton: In Memory of Sister Doria Chamberland, D.W. (General Fund)


David James: In Memory of Sister Joan Rohan, D.W. (General Fund)


Valarie & George Johnson: In Memory of Sister Virginia Dunne, D.W. (Hurricane/Americares)


John J. & Kathleen L. Mayer Charitable Fund: In thanksgiving for the work of Sister Marie Sopr, D.W. to the

students and families of St. Bernadette School, Springfield, VA (General Fund)


Jan Jungblut: In Honor of Charlotte Reilly Jungblut (General Fund)


Barbara Lenk: In Honor of Sister Marie Chiodo, D.W. (General Fund)


Patricia Long and brothers and sisters: In Memory of their mother, Anna Hodnett (General Fund)


Kathryn Marotta: In Honor of Maxine and Lester Datner (Hurricane/Americares fund)


Kathleen May: In Honor of Sister Bernadette Sassone, D.W. and Daughters of Wisdom of Maryhaven

(Sound Beach Sea Wall)


Patricia McAuley: In Memory of Sister Joan Rohan, D.W. (General Fund)


Howard McElroy: In Honor of Sister Alice Benedict, D.W. (Sound Beach Renovation Fund)


Stephen Meoli: In Memory of Bernard Meoli, (St. Charles 1932- 1942) (Retirement Fund)


Eleanor F. Miley: In appreciation to the Daughters of Wisdom who taught at

Bishop McDonnell Memorial High School, Brooklyn. (Retirement Fund)


Rosalie Mullane: In Honor of Anthony Parrino, Dorothy Scorzelli and Sister Mona Guerrette, D.W.,

the yard sale “crew” (General Fund, yard sale event)


Annmary Passantino: In Honor of her friend, RoseAnne Cleary’s, 75th Birthday (Hurricane/Americares fund)



Annmary Passantino: In Honor of Sisters Veronica Byrne, D.W., Eileen McGowan, D.W.,

and Emma Rohn, D.W. (Sound Beach Renovation Fund)


Annmary and Larry Passantino: In Honor of Sister Emma Rohn’s, D.W. 70th Jubilee (Sound Beach Renovation)


Kathleen Risley: In Memory of Sister Joan Rohan, D.W. (Retirement Fund)


Dan Savini: In Memory of Sister Marguerite White, D.W. (General Fund)


Dr. Joseph B. Schaefer: In Memory of Sister Jean Schaefer, D.W., Anne Schaefer and Agnes Regan (General Fund)


Audrey Schroeder: In Memory of Gilbert L. Schroeder, Sr. (General Fund)


The Schroeder Family: In Memory of Gilbert Schroeder (Peru)


William Siegel: In Memory of Sister Joan Rohan, D.W. who is always in our hearts and prayers. (Retirement Fund)


Rosanne Spinner: In Memory of Robert Koegel (General Fund)


Martha Stewart: In Honor of Sister Grace Malonzo, D.W. and Sister Margaret McCabe, D.W.

(Immigration Fund)

James Stokes: In Memory of Robert J. Koegel (Retirement Fund)


Maureen Taylor: In Memory of Mary McKnight Siesfeld (OLWA Class of 1944)


Lorraine Therriault: In Memory of Claude Therriault (General Fund)


Roseline Touma: In Memory of her Aunt, Soeur Marie-Emmanuel du Rosaire, D.W.

who died in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake (Haiti Fund)


Myrna & Raynold Voisine: In Memory of her aunt, Sister Lucy Daigle, D.W. (General Fund)


David Watson: In Memory of Mary Watson (General Fund)


Vivian Tao Wen Wu: In Memory of Sister Rosemary Graham (General Fund)


Windcrest Homeowners Association: In Memory of Dan Savini (General Fund)