Memorial Gifts

Members of the Daughters of Wisdom Auxiliary Council
Front row: Florence Lunney, Pat Wolosz, Charlene Pilipshen and Rosalie Mullane.
Middle Row: Ellie Filippone, Kathy Marotta, Fran Heuer, and Sr. Evelyn Eckhardt, DW.
Back row: Angela Brucia, Dorothy Scorzelli, Jim Vesely and Ann Murdock.


Memorial Gifts

Donations can be made in Memory or Honor of a person, for a special occasion or a celebration. Through our online donation form, you can support the General fund, Haiti fund, Immigration Fund, Intercultural Community, Ministry Fund, Madagascar Fund, Mission Projects, Retirement Fund, Sound Beach Projects, and Vocations Fund.


If you have any questions, please contact Rosalie Mullane, Development Associate,

at 631-277-2660, ext. 17 or e-mail,



February 22, 2018 - September 10, 2018



Catherine Cavanaugh In honor of her sister, Sister Eileen Catterson, D.W. (Sound Beach Projects)


Patricia Cunningham In memory of Sister Dorothy Reilly, D.W. (General Fund)


Catherine R. Curley-Lee In honor of Rose Marie Curley (General Fund)


Wendy Englert In honor of G. Englert (General Fund)


Michael & Moira Fitall In memory of Sister Margaret Quigley, D.W. (General Fund)


Timothy Ganetis In memory of Sister Marie Immaculata Vane, D.W. (Retirement Fund)


Michelle Lousier Hankes In memory of Sister Alice Lausier, D.W. (Sound Beach Projects)


Patricia Heeg In Memory of the Daughters of Wisdom Who Gave So Much to Me (Sound Beach Renovation)


Grace Hokanson Thank you for all the “dear sisters” who educated me in religion and life.  St. Vincent de Paul and

The Bishop McDonnell Memorial High School (1953).  (General Fund)                                  


Angela Houghton In memory of Sister Doria Chamberland, D.W. (General Fund)


Angela Houghton In memory of Sister Doria Chamberland, D.W. (Sound Beach Projects)


Nicholas Murray In honor of all the Sisters who intervened in my life at Gate of Heaven School,

in honor of Sister Veronica Byrne, D.W. and in memory of Sister Lucille Campbell, D.W. (Madagascar)


Annmary & Laurence Passantino In honor of Sister Veronica Byrne, D.W.’s 70th Jubilee (Retirement Fund)


Catherine Perrine In honor of Sister Mary of the Purification from the Class of 1965 of Maryview Nursing (Sound Beach Projects)


Marie Potochney In honor of Sisters Marie Sopr, D.W. and Louise Dufour, D.W.  (Sound Beach Projects)


Barbara Robinson In honor of Sister Mary of the Purification from a member of

the Maryview Class of 1965 (Sound Beach Projects)


Michael Ruggiero In memory of his beloved wife, June Chiaviello Ruggiero (General Fund)


Joseph Schaefer In memory of Sister Jean, Agnes and Anne Schaefer (Madagascar)


Ann T. Searing In honor of Ann Searing, D.W. (1958-1975) (Madagascar)


Margaret Theis In memory of Sister Marie Franck, D.W. (General Fund)


Lorraine Therriault In memory of Claude Therriault (General Fund)


David Watson In memory of his mother, Mary Watson (Sound Beach Projects)


Joan Watt In memory of Sister Edna Butler, D.W. (Retirement Fund)


Vivian Tao Wen Wu In memory of Sister Rosemary Graham (General Fund)


George White In memory of Rev. Frank White, SMM (General Fund)