Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Commission (JPIC)

JPIC USA is chaired by (photo above, center) Sr. Ann Gray, DW, and includes members (L-R) Sr. Margaret McCabe, DW,

Sr. Evelyn Lamoureux, DW, Maryse Haig, AW and Sr. Rosemary McKenna, DW.



Daughters of Wisdom are called in community to seek and contemplate Divine Wisdom present in a world that hungers for meaning, justice and compassion. We seek to share the message of Jesus Incarnate Wisdom to people experiencing injustice, violence, poverty and oppression, especially women and children.


In keeping with the values of Wisdom Spirituality, we empower ourselves and others to analyze the critical justice, peace and integrity of creation issues that impact the lives of individuals and of families; as well as those that affect the local and global community and the Church.


We will facilitate our gospel response to injustice by networking with other organizations, thus strengthening our interconnectedness through animation, formation, communication and coordination.



October 2016-




The Daughters of Wisdom is now officially recognized by Pax Christi as a religious order of peace and as partners in Pax Christi’s mission of peacemaking.


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Justice is not simply about reordering the economy and international policy; it is also about reordering hearts.

There is no ONE issue or project that predominates the landscape for JPIC: like the mustard seed, it grows attuned to the signs of the time, branching out to offershelter from injustice.

JPIC is a networking and advocacy group addressing a broad range of justice issues, especially those relating to women and children, immigrants, war and peace, and the environment, in order to work toward changes where needed.

The committee partners with other women and men of faith-based, volunteer, profit, and non for profit groups to serve to broaden one's vision and strength of purpose in the interface with local, state, and federal levels of government when issues of inequality, violence, and environmental damage are rasied for redress. This is an ongoing effort of the sisters across the Province to join their gifts and strengths wiith colleagues and groups toward the goal of system change.


JPIC International Meets in Rome



The JPIC International committee recently met in Rome. They are (L-R) Marie- Marthe Benêche, Haiti, Lois Mathieu, Canada,

Rani Kurian,General Councillor and Coordinator of JPIC, Ann Gray, United States and Violeta Santos, Peru.


Sr. Ann Gray represented JPIC USA during a three-day session in Rome, Italy and collaborated as one of a team of five Sisters who comprise an inter-generational committee from four entities around the world. As members of an international community, attention was given to "the massive consciousness of the global dimension, inhabitants of an Earth threatened, and where human rights are scorned . . . ."(Rule of Life, I #2). They discussed the importance of developing an "integral" sense of Justice.

Their main task was to draw up an Action Plan for the JPIC International Committee from 2016-2018. Into this plan are woven links that exist between the spirit of JPIC, the Rule of Life, the Daughters of Wisdom's spirituality, formation, and the justice they all do on a daily basis. To this task was added the need to raise "a common voice of Wisdom" around issues of Women and Children, migrants, refugees and the environment.






JPIC Meets to Discuss 2016-2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Members of the Daughters of Wisdom, JPIC, USA Province met with former GBI Provincial, Sr. Jean Quinn, DW recently in a meeting to discuss how the Daughters of Wisdom may connect with the United Nation’s 2016-2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Formally adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, there are 17 key objectives to bring the countries and citizens of the world together to embark on a new path to improve the lives of people everywhere. Also known as Global Goals, it’s a shared agenda designed to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and to protect the planet. Gaining unique insights, enriched by her recent 3 month internship at the UN, Sr. Jean spoke about the need to link global efforts to local, and to continue dialogue and the work of partnering in this comprehensive world-wide project to effect systemic change. Sr. Jean is the Daughters of Wisdom congregational representative at UNANIMA. For more information go to: www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment

Pictured with Sr. Jean Quinn (white jacket) are Sr. Margaret McCabe, Sr. Catherine Sheehan, USA Provincial, Sr. Rosemary McKenna, Sr. Evelyn Lamoureux, Sr. Ann Gray and Associate of Wisdom, Maryse Haig.

JPIC in the South

In the southeastern Virginia towns of Portsmouth and Virginia Beach, Daughters of Wisdom, Srs. Margaret McCabe and Grace Malonzo, have long worked in collaboration with the Richmond Diocese, Virginia Organizing, Virginia Interfaith, Tidewater Sowers of Justice and the Norfolk Catholic Worker to address issues of immigration through direct service, political intervention and peaceful demonstration. In addition, they answer a call where ever it is needed, at any level of involvement on a local, regional or state level- from providing consultations, to lobbying, to making phone calls, to having petitions signed, to marching in solidarity with others all in an effort to work on issues dealing with the ecology, water, human trafficking, poverty, domestic violence and health care disparities.



Pictured to the right, Sisters Rosemary McKenna (R) and Ronnie Mc Cormack (L) offer support at a peaceful demonstration in Fort Benning, Georgia.








By Sr. Rani Kurian, International JPIC Coordinator

With other human beings, the Daughters of Wisdom take the JPIC mission seriously (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation). The values of this wide movement in the Catholic Church are rooted in the Gospel. They encourage human beings to be caretakers of creation, to take a radical option for the poor and become active builders of a just and peaceful world.

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Daughters of Wisdom are members of UNANIMA INTERNATIONAL, a non-governmental organization (NGO) advocating on behalf of women and children (particularly those living in poverty), immigrants and refugees, and the environment.

For monthly UNANIMA updates, please visit the Daughters of Wisdom International website and look for the UNANIMA Link.