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Who Are We?




Called to seek Wisdom, we are women and men who follow in the footsteps of St. Louis Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet, co founders of the Daughters of Wisdom.


Coming from different walks of life, we maintain our own lifestyles, independence, and personal commitments. Our ministries range from full-time jobs to volunteerism, as well as support for the Daughters of Wisdom in prayer and spirit.


A community within the community of the Wisdom family, we share in the spirituality, mission, and history of the congregation.





What Do Associates Do?

Associates maintain their own lifestyle, independence, and personal commitments. Their work can range from full-time jobs to volunteerism, or simply supporting the Daughters of Wisdom in prayer and spirit.

How Do I Become an Associate?

Please contact a Co-Director of the Associate community listed below. Following the initial contact, we offer an orientation period, during which a Daughter of Wisdom or an Associate of Wisdom companions and shares the spirituality, mission, and history of the Congregation.

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Suzanne O'Brien: 860-623-0664

Maria Roja: 860-561-3263


Council member:

Audrey Schroeder: 631-224-3664

Meet our associates


Since 9/13/01, past Co-Director



In my day to day comings and goings, I try to live as the best I can be as a human being. And in this way, I strive to be the embodiment of our mission statement: “to love, live and proclaim Wisdom.” I am conscious of the way I act and react to others, to all of Wisdom’s creation and to the gift of life and in doing so my commitment as an Associate of Wisdom comes to life.



A relatively recent New Yorker, I was born and raised in Connecticut. I live in Wantagh close to Jones Beach.  The beach is and always has been my place of joy.  I see the beauty of Wisdom’s creation in every detail of a beach.  But then again, I see the glory of Wisdom’s work in all of nature, in all creatures and each person I encounter.

Some of my happiest days came in my years as a mother of two daughters, Robin and Jill, and later as the proud grandmother of Alex, my grandson.  Raising the girls has been one of my greatest assignments and one of my most challenging pleasures.  Being Alex’s Grammy is my joy.

My career was in the field of radiology, first as an x-ray technologist and then after more study as a nuclear medicine technologist.  I loved working in that arena where I was able to minister to patients with all types of medical conditions.  Wisdom was with me each day as I encountered people with cancer, thyroid problems, liver disease, and some just needing to talk. It was a gift to be able to be a part of their day - if only for an hour.

While I worked in the medical field I felt a strong pull toward ordained ministry and so I began taking courses at Hartford Seminary where I received a Master of Arts with a focus on ministry in daily life.  Once finished with my studies, it dawned on me that I already had a ministry career in the workplace and so ordained ministry fell off my radar.

The realization of the feminine aspect of the Holy evolved during my days at the seminary under the tutelage of Dr. Miriam Therese Winter, in concert with my association with Wisdom House and then meeting the Daughters of Wisdom. Thus Wisdom became real and viable. For me, Wisdom is all of reality. Wisdom is God alone.

Ellie Filippone, AW


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Community is what we are all about and having a newsletter in hand keeps us all connected.

– The Associate Coordinating Team





Since 4/12/2008,
past Co-Director



I live out the mission of the Associates of Wisdom by keeping the “wisdom spirit” of Our Lady of Wisdom Academy alive through working on our yearly newsletter as well as our luncheon which raises money for the Daughters of Wisdom retirement fund.  In addition I also am a member of the Daughters of Wisdom Auxiliary Council which also raises money for the DWs most recently through a rummage sale in the fall and a holiday sale at Barnes and Noble.  I also serve on the Fire in Our Hearts Core Committee.  Fire in Our Hearts involves spiritual outreach wherein Daughters of Wisdom and Associates of Wisdom together spread Wisdom spirituality by writing reflections on social media which reach hundreds of subscribers every week. Personally, I work on deepening my own spirituality through reading and attending conferences at Wisdom House, Mercy Center etc., as well as sharpening my awareness of Wisdom—the Source and Substance of All--present in creation and in all the simple, ordinary experiences of my everyday life.



I was born and raised in Ozone Park, Queens, New York, with my younger sister.  I attended Our Lady of Wisdom Academy where I met the Daughters of Wisdom, who impacted my life.  I received a BA in English from Molloy College and an MA also in English from Fordham University.  After teaching English for 33 years, 16 on the junior high level (which I loved)  and 17 on the senior high level (which I found most challenging), I was ready for retirement which has enabled me to spend time traveling, to read for pleasure, to enjoy the company of good friends, and to begin my volunteer work for the DWs.  In 2008, I made my First Covenant as an Associate of Wisdom and currently serve in the capacity of Co-Director on the Associates Coordinating Team.  I presently live on Long Island in Wantagh considered the Gateway to Jones Beach.  My sister, Florence, and brother-in-law, Barry, live next door with my two nieces: Carolyn, a publications editor in Manhattan and Jeannette, a microbiologist in the Northwell Health System.  I am the proud godmother of both.

Pat Wolosz, AW

Since 5/27/2007, Current Council Member



My spiritual life was enlightened 10 years ago when I became an Associate of Wisdom.  So many of the things I felt about creation and all organisms, from a human being to a pebble in the woods, affirmed what I believed as a teenager...EVERYTHING is connected.


 The Sisters have taught me how to listen, to accept without agreeing with what others believe, and how to go into deep prayer in whatever way I am led and whatever way I need to just "be."  Any participation in which I involve myself to fulfill my mandate to "Love, Live, Proclaim Wisdom" is most fulfilling.



 I was born in Glendale, Queens where many of the Daughters of Wisdom from Gate of Heaven Parish  ) taught, nursed and cared for the people in parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. (This was my Dad, Gilbert Schroeder's Parish as a child.)  My second son Nicholas was Born on May 7th, 1983, Blessed Marie Louise's Feast Day.  Christoper, my first son, was born April 2, 1982.  Both boys are doing very well in their respective professions.  Nick is a Human Resource Director, and both he and Chris live in Nazareth, PA.  Chris teaches Math at Freedom H.S. in Bethlehem, PA, where my Dad was born.  We lived in Glendale, upstairs in my Maternal Grandmother's house, until I was 5 and ready for Kindergarten.  That house will always resonate in my heart.  My husband, Bob Zeman (pictured below), is a retired business owner, computer engineer, carpenter and electrical engineer. We now live in Islip Terrace, NY. cid:AOLP.1512122431755

I attended St. Barnabas School (now St. Elizabeth Seton Regional School) then public high school.  My career took me from secretarial jobs to various part-time jobs when the boys were young, and then as they got older, I worked as the Executive Assistant to the Owner and CEO of an international company.  I attended Nassau Community College and St. Francis College in Brooklyn.

Audrey J. Schroeder, AW